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March 05 2017

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A mineral substance

A transparent and electric horse is rustled in the thicket
This plumed awe?
And perfuming river flies me
with it's smooth threads like hand and feet
and transluscent burnt umber poppies like shoulder and kisses,
droplets of a esoteric helicopter?
Upgrading in the archipeligos
solute as a hopeful lobster.
With its celestial love!
On what acerb threads half-opened with mud

When you relax like old warrior's medal rustled by the water
your utensil is a evening star filled with plumed lunar.
Within the serene universe of resolute evening star
I want you to light on my nose
as if to circumscribe or breath or respond
pockets of paper-mache converted into saphire?
The celestial doves magnifed!
Pockets of gold converted into gold
went protected in lunar
to the sensible soft ripple.

Sometimes a piece of the wind
crystallizes like a school in my mouth.
The lightning humble veins are trusted!
Blue earth to my musical defender!

She's not exactly Emily, but I love her little prayer pose.
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A song of fear

Has the universe been stored with secrets?
The ice essential blood are taunted?
Of your turquoise sea's skin when you hold out your heart
the infinite atom gave it tiredness.
The fragmented crab perseveres against the sweet-smelling lances.
A eyeballs and a fingernails,
entertaining the thicket.
A velvety snow of clusters
because I love you, love, next to the lightning and inside the clay.
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The gleaming lady of the heights

You've asked me what the cat is developing there with his burnt umber leg?
Everything plumed with slender voices, the salt of window
piles of balanced bread.
This somber silence and kissing atom attracts me?
With it's irreducable books like fingernails and eyelids
and blue drops like feet and kisses
the sanguine crab wets around the naked keys!
Enchanting the sea water of her energy full of purity
You perform in the field as in a gleaming divisions!
Not the yellow moment
when the sunrise preserves the acrobats
there are no bottles but musical cycles of reflection and crimson,
alcoves of hidden promising glass.
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Ah, my dear Emily. You need to stop following me around everywhere. It's kind of like you are stalking me from inside my computer. All the hundreds of screenshots of you are constantly following me everywhere I go. Stop it.

Oh, and I wrote a poem about you.

The sticky goddess of the moonlight evening

A burnt umber autumn flutters
a naked rain of love!
You magnify in the image of youth
as in a gleaming vicinity
like parched banner: clusters
in the sticky grace, many mourning wax
but the candle enriched the memory.

In the smallest sapphire flesh
the dilute ness of the bottle, the power of the sky
a mist of stones
A car is not enough to strike me and keep me
from the land of your verdure phenomena
the dignity of the soul!
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Bath in rose petals? Why not. It's good for the skin. And she has really good skin.

No Soup For You

OK, just logged into Soup after a long while and learned they lost like two years worth of stuff. No word on whether they'll restore anything newer so it's kind of like starting all over again. That's pretty lame.

September 04 2014


How You Can Complete Skullduggery Island In Poptropica

The most recent island mission from the popular online game Poptropica is called Skullduggery Island. It has been available for paid members of Poptropica in early access and will be released to everyone on June 17 2010. Skullduggery is the most challenging and complex quest released on Poptropica so far. Keep reading for all the Poptropica cheats for Skullduggery Island

When you arrive by balloon, you'll be in Fort Ridley, which is where the first part of Skullduggery Island takes place. During this beginning part of the island, your goal is to find several items to help the villagers and solve the puzzle of a unusual note. As soon as you finish this part, you'll receive your 1st sailing vessel and can check out a few more islands.

When you arrive, run all the way up to the right and proceed to the next area which is just over the wood bridge. Once you cross the bridge, go down the hill and next to the left into the water, where you'll walk back to the left and then discover a doubloon lying on the ground.

Return left to Stinky Tim's General Store, and utilize the doubloon to buy a bag of chicken feed.

Then head outside the store and proceed to the fellow with the chickens. Offer him the bag of feed you just got. He'll be so delighted that he can feed his chickens now that he will give you one of them as thanks for the feed.

Next travel back over the large wooden bridge and you will reach a location where there is corn growing but there are insects pretty much everywhere. Use the chicken here and it will eat the pests. The man will be so happy and will give you a blue candle as a gift.

Go far right past the Governor's house, to the sea edge and speak with the woman there whose husband is lost at sea.

Enter the Governor's house and use the Blue Candle to reveal the missing writing on the Parchment. The guy on the left tells you to find the map pieces and chase away Captain Crawfish. He says he'll give you the final key to uncover the treasure once you do that.

Walk outside the house and then go all the way back to where you started the quest. There is a fort here. Climb to the top of the tower and use the telescope. You'll see a very small raft. Use the broken mirror to signal the raft which will sail into the pier.

A man will walk out onto the pier to meet you. He is the husband of the woman you talked to near the ocean. He gives you his ship, which is now crewed by a cabin boy and the old sailor from the fort.

Embark on your ship and sail to the small island in the upper-left corner of the map. While you're sailing try to steer clear from the sea monsters and pirate ships. When you see salvage in the water, try to pick it up.

Disembark at Dragon Cove, home of Ship-Shape shipbuilders. A piece of the treasure map is hidden here. To get it, jump down into the water and stand on top of the stone. It will reveal a mallet. Shove the fisherman who is sitting on the wooden crate all the way to the right, past the gong. Then use the mallet in your backpack to hit the gong. This will send fish up for the old man to catch, and he will give you the map piece. Dragon Cove is the home of the shipbuilder and is where you can purchase upgraded ships which carry more cargo and have more guns. It's also where you'll find the shipwright, who can repair your ship while in battle. But you probably don't have enough doubloons yet, so skip them for now. New crew members and upgraded ships cost thousands of doubloons and you need to earn more before you can start upgrading or adding to the crew. You can buy a small cargo with your doubloons, preferably Silk which is cheap here but more valuable elsewhere.

The next stop is Bouffant Bay, which is in the top-right corner. Pick up any salvage you spot along the way.

Talk to the worker here on the pier if you need a tiny hint for the map piece that is hidden here in Bouffant Bay. Run to the right and you will arrive at the trading post. Here you want to sell Silk. Here, it is Medicine that is cheaply purchased. Now we're off to find the map piece. First, walk to the right until you arrive at a house with the hanging baskets. Jump up into the 3rd, then the 1st, then the 2nd (middle) one. Once that is done, you'll find the hidden map piece. One of the buildings here, called Willard's Warhouse, holds the Cargo Master and having him on board your ship means you can carry fifty percent more cargo. You probably can't afford to hire him right now. If you didn't buy the Medicine from the trading post yet, go get it now before you leave.

And now we're set to travel to the next destination. Embark on your ship and sail down to Parrot Port. Sell your salvage and cargo, but there is no cargo to cheaply purchase here. Go inside the Pub. You'll find the Navigator here, who you can hire later on if you like. She makes your ship go faster, which can be helpful when trying to escape monsters and pirate ships. At upper left is a Cracker. Go back to the Trading Post and locate the Parrot. The parrot says to, "Jump in the sea and then come and find me." Run out to the dock and jump in the water and then go back and you'll find him up near the roof of one of the buildings. Click on him and he'll tell you to clog the vent and see where he went. He's talking about a chimney on the building to the right, which you need to stand on. After the smoke stops, jump into the palm tree to the right to find the parrot. He'll then tell you to find a pirate he knows in the old tower. Head back to the left and you will find the tower near the dock where you arrived. The pirate is standing up top. Click on him and he'll tell you to return his parrot for a reward. Polly want a cracker? Look in your backpack and use the cracker. This will lure the parrot to you and when he returns, the pirate rewards you with the missing map piece.

The next port to visit is Golden Harbor, located to the South of Parrot Port. Golden Harbor is the home of the Golden Harbor Bank. If you visit the bank, you can take out a loan that gives you more money to purchase more cargo and earn profits much faster. You can obtain a loan of doubloons from the back that costs 5% interest each day (days go by each time you sail to a new port) and you have to repay the loan within 20 days. To get the map piece here, you have to light three of the five street lights, some of which go out when others are turned on. You should light the 5th (far right), 3rd, 4th, 2nd, and 1st in that order. After you get the correct lanterns lit, the map piece will drift down from the middle of the archway. We're almost ready to sail on but before you go, visit the trading post and purchase as much grain as you can.

The next stop is the Pirate Outpost, a remote island located to the West. Go to the Trading Post and sell all of your grain. Then purchase as much spice as you can fit in your cargo hold, since it is very cheap to buy here. Climb up the giant skull, jumping over hostile pirates. Go inside the cannonry. The cannoneer is here and later you can hire him to join your crew because he helps you fire your cannon faster. Leave the cannonry and jump up on the roof and then over to the top of the mast with the black flag that has a skull and crossbones. There is a small box called a cannon starter kit that lets you use the different cannon on the island. Now go down to the left and you'll see a barrel with a sign that says, "Danger - Explosive." Push this barrel off the platform and let it drop all the way down to the water below you. Swim it over to directly under the Golden Tooth of the rock skull. Go left and fire the cannon there. Hitting the barrel will shake loose the Golden Tooth and reveal the hidden map piece.

Now that you've got all the map pieces, you just want to keep trading cargo to make money by following a simple circle of trading. Go back to Dragon Cove and sell your spice. Keep going in this circular clockwise direction from port to port to build your profits so that you can purchase bigger ships and hire more crew. You can use any trading routes you want, but this basic circle will get you profits faster than any other way. There are no shortcuts, but your progress is much faster as you increase your ship size and speed.

Once you have upgraded to the Phoenix Warbird, the biggest ship you can sail, you should be able to take on Captain Crawfish. It will help if you have a full crew, especially the cannoneer and the ship repair guy. You'll find Captain Crawfish near Skullduggery Island in the lower left corner of the map. Sail there and wait for him to attack. Once you defeat Captain Crawfish in battle, sail back to Fort Ridley. When you arrive, go back to the house with the Governor inside. The governor gives you a bone shovel, which you need to dig up treasure, and he shows you exactly where to find it on Skullduggery Island.

Get back on your ship and sail to Skullduggery Island. Dock there and then go to the hill with the flag. Then walk six paces to the right, and use the bone shovel to dig up the treasure. Once you have dug uo the treasure, Captain Crawfish re-appears with his crew, including the Governor's aide who turns out to be working with Crawfish!

You will not need to fight Crawfish though. Your crew sails in to save the day, and you return the treasure to Fort Ridley, where the Governor awards you the Island Medallion!

August 23 2014


Poptropica Cheats And Tips For Mythology Island

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to winning Mythology Island in Poptropica.

To the left of Main Street is the Tree of Immortality. Reach the top by bouncing off mushrooms, jumping on branches, and climbing the snakes.

Talk to the satyr and he will tell you to gather 10 jars within one minute. When you have got them all, return to the satyr and he will open a secret route for you.

Follow the secret course to the Golden Apple. Click the branch to lose the apple to the earth.

Once you pick the Golden Apple, the mighty God Zeus appears out of thin air. He supplies you with a scroll of Sacred Items and challenges one to complete a quest to retrieve them.

Click on the Sacred Things Scroll inside your back pack for more information about all the different things you should locate and bring to Zeus.

You will need to flip the switches at each point in the acqueduct to cause the water to flow down into the pool below.

Now that the water is flowing into the pool, the Rare Flower will blossom right alongside the Sphinx.

There's a pomegranate tree. Jump up there and pick a pomegranate in the tree.

Return and go inside the Museum of Olympus. You'll find the Starfish stuck to the face of Poseidon's statue.

You will get a free Reed Pipe in Apollo's Temple.

After the Reed Pipe is in your backpack, clink on the statue of Euterpe and she is going to teach you the way to play a tune. You will want to memorize the musical notes and then repeat them to finish the endeavor.

Once you have learned the melody, Euterpe will give you a copy of the Pipe Tune to keep in your backpack.

Head over to the entrance to gain access and the Labryinth by using the Reed Pipe to play with the tune you see on the door. The right order of notes to play is Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Azure, Green.

When you walk through the labyrinth, you'll leave a strand of golden thread behind you. Follow it back to your last turn if you get lost inside.

The bones puzzle is a riddle. Remove six of the bones so the remaining bones spell the word, "Ten."

You must open the final gate, to exit the labyrinth. It'll open when you are successful at clicking on the red eyed snakes three times.

After you are outside the labyrinth, speak with the Minotaur and he can give you his nose Ring.

Zeus has left graffiti on Hades' temple. Help the worker to clean it all away and he will give you a Drachma.

You will see an altar inside Hades' Temple. To enter the Underworld, put the Pomegranates on it.

The boatman will take you across the river. Avoid falling stalactites, hungry gators, and flaming skulls to cross safely.

Cerebus is guarding the entrance on another side. Play the Pipe Melody on your Reed Pipe to lull him to sleep and then grab his whisker.

Place the Starfish on the altar in Poseidon's Temple to get to his shore.

Aphrodite gives a brief quiz to you where you have to figure the names of several. In the event you 're having problem, you can learn them all inside the Museum of Olympus.

Complete Aphrodite's challenge to get the Touchscreen Mirror.

Dive into the underwater labyrinth next to Poseidon's Shore. In case you 're running out of atmosphere, you can fill up your oxygen by swimming over the rising bubbles.

Find the oyster in Poseidon's Realm. Wait until it opens up and then grab the Pearl.

Defeat the Hydra by jumping on each of the oyster's heads.

After you defeat the Hydra, click on its sleeping kind to pick up the Hydra Scale.

Now you have all five of the Sacred Items in your property. Return to the tree and talk with Athena.

The Sacred Items are stolen from you. Athena tells one to get help from Hercules.

Go speak with Hercules and use the Touchscreen Mirror to travel to the Underworld. Hercules is strong and readily shoves the boulder away for you.

Once you're inside Hades' throne room, speak with him and he'll give you his crown to aid you in your fight against Zeus.

Warp with Hercules to Poseidon's Realm. Hercules will open up the way for you to enter.

Talk with Poseidon, who is sitting on his throne. He will give you a powerful weapon to help in your battle with Zeus.

Use home page the Touchscreen Mirror to travel to the Gates of Olympus. Hercules will open the gate for you when you arrive.

Purchase a Bag of Wind from Aeolus at the foundation of Mt. Olympus. It costs one Drachma.

Use the Bag of Wind and it's going to carry you up part of the mountain. From there, just jump on the remaining platforms to get to the top.

Shoot Zeus with Poseidon's Trident to damage him. Avert wind gusts and his lightning bolts. Pick up pink clouds to restore your energy.

August 17 2014


Poptropica Shrink Ray Island Cheats And Secrets

This is a step by step walkthrough of Shrink Ray Island with secrets and all the cheats for the experience!
When you arrive at Shrink Ray Island, visit the right to the honest building and inside discover the door on the left with a Science Fair door.
Continue to go right till find a teacher with a mustache, he is a Mr. Silva and the two person on his right parents of CJ, they are worried to the pupil CJ is missing.
Go out to the building and move to the Avenue A and find the apartment of CJ.
You can easily understand their flat because there is a cat standing. The cat may also go inside and you should get him go out to the home, when you enter to the flat.
Follow the cat until it leaves the flat. Now proceed to the computer table on the left side and when you do that a cloaked man will appear and make you shrink.
Now leap above the drawer and try and visit the blower, turn on the blower and a thumb drive will be revealed under the bed. Pick it up and continue to the right.
If you look beside the laptop into the microscope, you will be on the computer table again, there is a note about a missing invention.
Run to the right to get to the next part of the bedroom and go right again to enter the living-room. Watch out for the cat's paw when you run past the living room door. Jump up in the air as you run past.
Go in the room. A remote control together with the fridge.
Run to the right and push the yellow sponge and jump up on the drawer. On the second drawer you see a screwdriver. Then jump up onto the counter and run to the privilege to get to another part of the kitchen.
On another website, there's a piece here which you need to get and it's on the far right side at the top of a table. Getting there's somewhat catchy!
First, shove on the rolling pin such that it knocks the teapot onto another burner. Then run up and jump into the steam coming in the teapot. It is going to lift you up to the Push and shelf oil over onto its side so that it begins dripping out. Go down to the ground such that it is under the dripping oil then shove on the cat's food bowl. Now jump on the counter and then discover cat food bag and jump into it repeatedly to make tons out. You should jump on the counter least 45 times. Oil and the food will stick together forming a stepping stool out of the cat food you can use. Now go down such that the cat food bowl is underneath the table and push on it to the right. Jump up together with the cat food and then up onto the table top. Walk to the right to pick up the piece of paper. Pick up one of the purple grapes, which you will need for another job, afterward before you go.
Head to the left side on the first part of the kitchen. Jump up on the counter and run to the toaster. Select the plug to plug it into the outlet.
Bound onto the toaster handle while holding the grape and stand there for several seconds. The toaster heats up and the handle pops up, sending you flying up into the air. You will land on a ledge with a spatula, a cup filled with utensils, and a salt shaker.
Shove the saltshaker to the left until it's at the end of the spatula handle. Jump up onto the cup full of utensils and then leap to the right and hold and wait for the saltshaker to fly back to the spatula and that'll get you fly up in the air.
You'll then land on the top of the fridge, where you are able to pick up the remote control.
Use the batter, now go down and head to the right till you find a trail toy, use your screwdriver and you will obtain a battery, right above the track is a remote control and jump off the green button, the TV will turn on. Jump above to the right's antenna and you are going to be electrified. Due to this you bound to the portrait and can stick on the balloons.
Jump to the left and you will see fish food, shake it 5-7 times so you wo n't be eaten by the fish in the aquarium, turn the aquarium off and dive in. Under it's the diary key.
You got the key, turn the aquarium on and you'll blow outside.
Now go to the right and push on the yellow and green sponge next to the Power Clean spray bottle on the floor. Jump on the sponge and then onto the top of the bottle. Eventually, jump to the top of the garbage can and go inside it.
Once inside, you need by moving objects to solve a puzzle. Objects that may be moved are clickable. First click on it, and then click on either the right or left green arrows to move it. Be cautious: if you move an item which was holding up others you would like to watch out that everything doesn't fall on top of you! You goal would be to get to the top right corner of the puzzle and get the Torn Page.
Once you have the Torn Page, click the green restart button in the lower left of your screen to leave immediately.
Run left find another clue and to leave the kitchen and head to the living-room and head back.
Go left to CJ's bedroom and jump up on her desk. Use the thumb drive to place it inside the computer. You'll need to enter the password. The right password is m4r13 cur13. Marie Curie is CJ's hero and you must replace the "i" with 1', the "a" with a 4 and the "e" with 3. The patterns for the shrink ray firearm will be uploaded.
Jump upward again to get on the shelf with the Rubik's Cube and her green diary. Use the key in your back pack to open the diary. Then use the page that is torn to complete part of the diary ripped and you will get a message from CJ. It sounds like the robber is close by!
Jump on the thermostat and make it whirl to red so that the heat turns on.
Jump down and stand next to the microscope. Afterward use the piece of paper from your back pack to put it down on the desk. Jump up onto the lamp after which bounce up and down several times to bring it down closer to the paper. When it will not go down anymore, external link click the light switch. The secret message is revealed by the heat from the lamp from CJ. It says, "Look for me in the telescope. School coordinates."
Now go to the next section to the left. Knock over the wastepaper basket and a group of paper will fall out and rise in the heat coming up through the vent. Use the papers as platforms to get up on the top of the bed. Afterward pick up the morse code key from the top of the bed. Jump over onto the telescope. Subsequently stand on each dial and spin them to these coordinates: x - 87 and y - 16.
Look through the telescope. CJ is inside the classroom and she's sending a message in Morse code to you. Use the secret to decipher the message as they are sent by her to you and click each letter. The complete message is: flush the thumb drive. Head for the toilet.
The goal is to ensure we may flush the thumb drive to get over and past the tub to the bathroom. Run to the left and jump on the drawer manages to reach the counter top. Leap onto the hair dryer and stand on the back end in order that it tips upward. Then click on the red button. Bound into the stream and then you will end up at the top of the shower curtain pole and move to the next section of the bathroom. Drop down onto the soap dish and push the bar of soap off. Jump down into the bathtub. Visit the right and climb up the rope. Afterward stand on the faucet handle and run to spin it and turn the water on. The water will fill up the tub to help you swim over to the floating bar. Bound onto the bar of soap and from there jump onto the rubber duck's back. Now jump from the tub to the left. Leap onto the red plunger and onto the stack. Then leap to the toilet bowl. While standing on the bowl, use the thumb drive in your backpack to drop it in. Next, jump to the flush handle to send the thumb drive down. Head back how you came to exit.
Go all the way back to the telescope in CJ's toilet and establish it (87,16). Peek into it and CJ has a new message for you. The new message reads, "Burglar is Mr. Silva. Now we have to escape the apartment and rescue CJ!"
Go back to the living-room and take the battery out of the remote control. Then place it. Drive the toy truck and get in left into CJ's bedroom.
Escape the truck and jump up onto CJ's bookshelf. Go to the top where you will locate a publication called, Tess's Tree by Jess M. Brallier. Push the book off the shelf to make it land and form a ramp over your truck can go that. Jump back down and get in the truck. Drive over the ramp and you will see a short cinematic where you drive up and through the glass window out into the street.
Outside the road, you'll begin playing with an overhead mini-game that is simple where you have to drive the truck down the street while avoiding barriers. The ride lasts a little over a minute and it super easy to finish.
You'll wind up inside Mr. Silva's office in the school. Run left and there is CJ!
But will attempt to Mr. Silva to shrink you into oblivion. Now you must prevent the ray gun.
In this game you need so that the ray gun shrinks the thing instead of you when it appears to hide behind objects. Move to the left across the floor. You can pause behind each object or bypass every other one (in case you're quick enough). You must start over, if the ray gun hit you. You are goal is hide to reflect and go up to the table and the shrink ray reflects off the mirror and hits Mr. when him Silva attempts to shrink this time to you! He shrinks himself and falls into the ant farm jar, where he's trapped!
Click the switch after which you'll both return to normal size.
Now you are back on the science fair for solving Shrink Ray Island and you get the isle medallion.

August 16 2014


Poptropica Walkthrough And Advice For Counterfeit Island

Counterfeit Island will be the 10th journey in the well-liked web based adventure, Poptropica. It was released to Early Access players on Dec 21, 2009 and became attainable to everybody in early Jan, 2010. The storyline of Counterfeit Island is that a well known art crook will be intending to take a really vital art work from the Counterfeit Island fine art museum. You must expose the plot and make an attempt to halt the crook. Along the way, you'll meet lots of interesting characters and encounter many twists and turns in the mystery of the stolen art. Here is a complete walkthrough for Poptropica Counterfeit Island.

Your Arrival On Counterfeit Island

First thing to do is to use your Poptropica map to journey to Counterfeit Island. Your balloon will park near the art museum on the island. Start going all the way right and go to the Downtown area. When you arrive, the first store you'll see is called Bobo's Clown Store. Go inside. You'll see several colored balloons inside. Select a green balloon and then walk outside the store.

SPECIAL: hop up onto the top of the store and you'll find Bobo standing alone on the roof. He'll explain why he's hiding up there. This is just a fun little joke on the island and you visit here don't have to visit Bobo to complete the mission.

Now head completely to the right and enter the Countryside zone. Walk a bit further right and you'll discover crying boy and also a young woman carrying a red balloon. You can cheer him up by giving him your green balloon. Click on him to hand it over. When he tales it fom you, he'll lift up into the sky. Poor balloon boy! You don't need to try to save him, though. Your next stop is Main Street. Start running back to the left and pass all the way through Downtown to get back there. When you get to Main Street, look for the Web Browser Internet Cafe and go inside. There's a guy who looks like a tourist and has a hat and camera. Go up to him and talk to him. The poor guy lost his tunnel tour tickets. He would like you to help him find them and if you do, he'll give one to you. While you're here be sure to look at the TV behind you. You'll see balloon boy flying way up high in the sky. He's on the news! Next, walk outside the Internet cafe and then run to the Downtown zone to the right.

Your next stop is the garbage can just to the right of the entrance to the underground tunnel tour. Click on the garbage can to look inside and you'll get a new screen that shows you the contents of the garbage can. Click on each piece and drag it away from the center. Soon, you'll reveal the lost tickets that are buried inside. Click on the tickets and they'll go into your backpack.

OK, now run back to Main Street and enter the Web Browser Internet Cafe again. Head inside the cafe and go to the tourist who lost the tickets. Find the tickets in your backpack and click on Use to give them to him. The guy will thank you for finding them and just as he promised, he'll give one back to you so that you can use it to take the underground tunnel tour.


Return to the Downtown area and walk up to the entrance of the tunnel tour. There's a woman standing outside wearing a green beret. Stand next to her, then open your backpack and click "Use" on the ticket inside. You're ready to begin the tour. Click on the gate to the entrance behind you to start it.

Just keep moving along the single pathway in the tunnel tour. At the very bottom of the tunnel, there is a lightbulb hanging down in the center. It's attached to a long cable. Jump up and grab the cable and then climb to the ceiling. You'll see a torn piece of paper on top of another cable just to the right. This is part of the torn picture that you'll need to unlock the secret door to the museum later in the quest. Climb all the way to the top of the cable and jump to the right. This is really easy if you're carrying a balloon from Bobo's Clown Store. When you pass over the torn picture, you'll pick it up. Now get back on the tour and keep following the main tunnel until you get to a set of stairs that head up to a door. Walk up the staircase to go outside and end the underground tunnel tour.

The Secret Person

Right after you exit the tour, you'll meet a mysterious man standing next to the exit. Click on him and you'll hear his tale. He'll then ask you to get a job over at the island museum and he wants you to meet back with him at this location later tonight. Next, go back up and to the right. You'll find one more piece of the torn picture. Grab this picture piece. The third torn picture piece is over to the left on top of the mast of the fishing boat. Go over there and pick it up. Now head back to Main Street and enter the museum.

In the Museum

Talk to the security guard inside the museum and he will tell you to go speak with the assistant curator. The assistant curator is up the stairs right above the entrance. Go up and talk to him. He says that there are four paintings inside the museum that someone placed incorrectly. He'd like you to help fix everything and place the paintings in the appropriate locations. In each of the four wings, you'll be able to remove one painting from the wall and carry it to a different wing. Here's where all the paintings should go.

  1. The painting in the cubism wing goes into the impressionism wing.

  2. The painting in the impressionism wing goes into the expressionism wing.

  3. The painting in the expressionism wing goes into the realism wing.

  4. The painting in the realism wing goes into the cubism wing.

When you're done placing all of the paintings, go back and speak to the assistant curator. He'll hire you on the spot and tell you to start the training. Follow him into the Lab to begin. Speak to him and then he'll tell you to select a station to begin your training. Click on the first desk to get started. Use the X-Ray device over each of the paintings until you find the one with the sketch marks underneath the painting. The arrows up to allow you to move between the different canvases. Click on the one you think is real.

You next training test will be to figure out which painting is a fake. You'll do this using a magnifying glass. Look in the corners of each painting to find the signature and figure out which one is different than the others. That is the forged painting.

The third test is a photograph and you need to click on the area that shows it is a fake. Look up on the left side where you seen the moon. Click on the dark part of the moon. The reason you know this is fake is that if it were really a picture of the moon you wouldn't see any stars here because the moon would block them out.

Now move to the next station, where the museum does chemical analysis of paint samples. In this test, you select a paint sample and then it drops into the beaker. You'll see a red bar go across the screen. When it reaches a square, it will light up with a color. Click on that color beaker above while the square is lit to add it into the test solution. If you do it correctly and in time, a green check mark will appear over the square. Repeat this exercise until all four of the squares are done right. Now repeat the whole process for the remaining two paint samples. Once you finish this test, your schooling is finished and the assistant curator will offer you a key to the supply room.
Leave this room and then walk right following the signs that direct you to the statue room and then into the security office. Walk left past the statues and follow the sign to the security office and supply closet. Walk all the way to the left and you'll find the door to the supply closet. Inside your backpack you'll find the key that the assistant curator gave to you. Use it to unlock the door and go inside. In here you'll see that sixth piece of the torn photo. Now that it's put together you'll see it forms a picture of the head of a gargoyle.

Next, come out of the closet and head back through the statue room. Follow the sign to the main hall and then exit the museum. Once you get outside, you'll discover that night has arrived. Head left and go to the city docks. The mysterious guy in the hat and sunglasses will still be standing where you left him. Return into the gate to the underground tour area and then take the tunnel all the way until you get to the wood ladder. Climb up to the top and then click on the hatch you see above. The hatch cover will appear on screen and it has a gargoyle face on it. Re-arrange the pieces on the hatch to match the version you see in the torn picture. You need to get all of the facial features on the hatch gargoyle to exactly match the picture. Once you've got it exactly right, the hatch opens up and you can climb through it.

You'll arrive inside the supply closet in the museum. Use your supply room key to unlock the door from the inside and then go into the hall. Be careful because the security guard can be seen pacing back and forth inside the security office. Wait for her to go by and then run past the window all the way to the statue room door. Go inside and then move across the room carefully, avoiding the laser beams. To avoid being spotted by a laser beam, hide behind either the plants or statues. Once you arrive at the far end of the room, exit to go to the main museum hall.

Next walk up and left until you get to the spot where the painting of the Scream is hanging. Click on the top of it and you will jump up onto the light hanging above it. All of the sudden the museum alarms will go off and the police will arrive. This doesn't look good! Next you'll find yourself inside the counterfeit island walkthrough jailhouse being interrogated by the police. The first thing you have to do is undergo a lie detector test. It's very easy to pass. Next you'll be invited to speak with the chief inspector back inside the museum office.

On the way back to the museum office, stop inside Bobo's clown shop, where you'll find the security guard from the museum. Ask him what time he left his post and he will give you his time card. Once you have the time card, leave the clown shop and go to the security office in the museum. Once you arrive, walk to the right and click on the big computer. You'll automatically check the security camera footage and because you have the time card from the security guard, you'll know where to look. You will see the mysterious guy appear and walk up to the painting. Press the print screen button to get a surveillance video screen print. Next talk to the chief investigator. She will tell you to show the picture to the people in town. Leave the museum and head right towards Bobo's Clown Shop.

Once you get to the front of Bobo's clown store, show the printout from the security camera to the mime on the left. The mime knows who it is and she will pantomime music playing. This is a clue that the person you're trying to find is inside the jazz cafe. Walk a little bit to the right and then go inside the cafe. Once you get inside, move to the right and you'll see the strange guy you've been looking for. Once you arrive, he'll run out of the cafe. Follow him to the right to begin a big chase.

During the chase scene, you'll be riding on a scooter trying to catch the mysterious guy. You don't really need to catch him during this part. All you need to do is avoid the different obstacles that appear in the road as you go by. After about a minute of chasing, you'll both end up at the docks. The mysterious guy will escape in a boat but as he departs he'll accidentally drop a secret key card that you'll be able to pick up from the ground.

SPECIAL: when the chase begins, look for Balloon Boy. You can see him for a short bit up in the sky near the buildings in the back.

Now you want to head over to the museum. When you arrive in the main lobby, the assistant curator will be waiting for you and give you a package that arrived addressed to you. It's a painting of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, and there's also an x-ray device included. Open your backpack and find the painting. Click on the examine button to inspect it. Drag the x-ray device over the painting and you'll see a secret message from the curator telling you to meet at the Pop Art Museum in Early Poptropica island. Now you get to do something pretty neat. You're going to temporarily leave Counterfeit Island and go to Early Poptropica for a bit. Walk out of the museum lobby into the street and then get back inside your Poptropica balloon. Choose Early Poptropica on the map.

Once you arrive in Early Poptropica, just go to the left and go into the art museum. Walk a little bit to the left and you'll find an older woman wearing purple clothes. Talk to her and she will explain a little bit about what is going on and give you a key. Go back outside the museum and get on your balloon again. Now return to Counterfeit Island.

When you arrive back in Counterfeit Island, run all the way to the right to the Countryside. You'll find a house belonging to the chief inspector here. Use the key that the Curator gave you to sneak into the house. Head upstairs and you'll see a painting hanging on the wall. Click on the painting and you will remove the canvas. Look! It's the stolen painting of the Scream. But then the lights will go out and you'll be knocked unconscious.

When you awake, you'll be deep inside an underground hideout. Both you and the mysterious thief will be tied to chairs and you are captives of the Black Widow, the world's greatest art thief. The Black Widow will leave the room and then you and the mysterious guy will talk about how you were both set up by her. He'll tell you to move your chair close to him so that he can untie you. Moving the chair can be a little tricky. To do it, click and drag the mouse to the left. Inch by inch, you'll get a little closer each time. When you get close enough, you both are free from your bonds. The mysterious guy has an idea that you should both go after the Black Widow. Head out of the room to the right.

Here's one of the last rooms to get through and it's guarded. Run all the way to the left and then jump up on the crates. You need to avoid the guards while you do this. The hardest guard to sneak past is on one of the platforms right above you. Wait until he reaches the end of the left side and then switches direction and starts going to the right. Don't waste any time. Immediately jump up and follow him for a few paces until you get to a couch. Jump onto the couch cushions and then use them to bounce upwards and left. Here you'll see a special access panel. Use the key card you got at the end of the scooter chase at the Docks. Now step through the door to enter the last room. Next, walk to the left to start the final battle.

The guy will move to the left and climb up onto a giant platform that is operated by a handle. Your task is to raise him up to the top by turning the handle. But once he does that, the Black Widow will start dropping art onto the ground, destroying it. You need to catch the artwork so it's not destroyed but also keep turning the handle on the platform. Of all the final boss battles in Poptropica, this is one of the most challenging. If more than one million dollars of art breaks, you'll fail and have to start this part over again. Here's the key trick: after every four pieces of art you catch, the Black Widow gets steaming mad and pauses for a few seconds. This gives you the chance to turn the handle a few turns. However you need to move very quickly because after just a couple of seconds, she tosses a bomb at you. Move away from the bomb before it explodes and then get back to the middle of the room to resume catching falling art. You just need to keep doing this same cycle over and over until you get the platform with the guy on it all the way to the top.
Once the platform gets to the top, the guy runs off it and apprehends the Black Widow. In the next scene, you'll climb up out of the hideout into the Interrnet Cafe and the museum curator will be standing here. She'll tell you to meet her at the museum. When you arrive, the curator will show you a secret about the museum. It has been quietly hiding many famous works of art from around the globe. Along with her thanks for saving the day and capturing the Black Widow, you'll receive the island medallion. Great job!

August 10 2014


Basics And Tips For Poptropica

Poptropica is a really exciting and fun web site for children ages 8-14 that provides several different adventures on "islands" that players explore on amazing adventures. You can find many fun and exciting secrets in the game. You'll find so many Poptropica Cheats that they cannot all fit into one web site but I've got a low-down of Poptropica to give you and idea of what you can do in Poptropica.

List of Islands

There are more than twenty islands in Poptropica, with several new ones in store every month or so. The Poptropica islands are:

  • Early Poptropica

  • Shark Tooth

  • 24 Carrot

  • Time Tangled

  • Super Power

  • Spy

  • Nabooti

  • Big Nate

  • Astro-Knights

  • Counterfeit

  • Reality TV

  • Mythology

  • Skullduggery

  • Steamworks

  • Great Pumpkin

  • Cryptids

  • Wild West

  • Wimpy Wonderland

  • Red Dragon

  • Shrink Ray

  • Mystery Train

  • Game Show

  • Ghost Story

  • S.O.S.

  • Vampire's Curse

  • Twisted Thicket

  • Poptropolis Games

  • Wimpy Boardwalk

  • Lunar Colony

  • Super Villain Island

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Zomberry Island

  • Night Watch Island

  • Back Lot Island

  • Virus Hunter Island

  • Mocktropica Island

  • Monster Carnival Island

  • Survival Island

  • Mission: Atlantis

Try any island mission whenever you want, but you might want to go with one of the first islands, like Shark Tooth to obtain a feel for how to play.

Playing the Game

Your character may be either gender and you can alter the appearance before starting the game. You may start with a new player every time or register with an account to save your character as a returning player.

The game plays as a 2-D side-scroller. You begin each island adventure by arriving via balloon and then you have to speak with characters that you meet to determine what must be done. Next, you progress along the adventure until you have completed all the tasks you need to do.

Poptropica brings together logic challenges and adventure with arcade skills like jumping, running and playing with obstacles in the world. Much of the game includes jumping around things in the way or climbing up buildings to find secret spots.

Other Players

There are some buildings on all of the Poptropica islands you can play games against other players. Winning a lot of mini-games improves your battle ranking. You can also chat with other players using built-in questions from a menu.

July 06 2014


Angry Birds Epic Secrets And Cheats

Get to Know Your Enemies Before You Make a Move

When you enter a conflict with those pigs that are nefarious, don't run in and start attacking. 1st things 1st - analyze your foes by holding your finger over eacg enemy. Since you'll get to see what sorts of skills and approaches each pig possesses achieving this can help you put together a strong game plan.

You should target the pigs who are most harmful to your party. Occasionally it makes more sense to take out the enemies that will not take you too long to defeat. Once you find out what they are able to do pick your targets accordingly.

Replay As Numerous Conflicts As Potential for Things and Gear

Angry Birds Epic does a little something distinct from most mobile games these days by excluding the utilization of an energy meter limit. This means you won't have to handle your playtime angry birds cheats since you can play as long as you desire, whenever you want.

Now that you know this, you should take advantage of it to be able to acquire gear and more items for your party by replaying assignments. In regards to taking on defeated assignments your primary goal is picking up the resources needed for crafting purposes.

Here's An Extremely Strong Strategy That Can Make the Most of Your Party

Since her curative abilities are incredibly useful as soon as you unlock the Cleric, things become really nice in terms of strategy,. Have your Mage equip the Lightning Bird hat that enables you to select among your birds that assaults a random enemy. Simply choose the Cleric, which does 40 base damage (more than the Knight) and also re-establishes 8 well-being to your troops. Then you may attack once again with the Cleric, getting 16 wellbeing that is free. Use it with the Mage for extra healing from arbitrary attacks from the Cleric when the Chili meter fills. Make sure you consistently have them under the shield of the Knight and you are prepared to wreak havoc in all stages!

Be Sure You Add Some Live Pals!

When you embrace some real buddies who help you acquire more Friendship Essence and more prize rolls it pays off well. Plus you will have the option to borrow one of your friends' fowl and add it to your own party for a mission.

Daily, you'll get the choice to acquire some free doses of Friendship Essence all at once. In this case, it is better to have a nice set of live buddies for the game since the worth of Friendship Essence you'll be able to acquire goes up. The more friends you've...well, you realize the rest.

Keep a Close Eye on Those Scavenge Points

On a daily basis, you will find that the scavenge points on the map will get a nice new dosage of loot that is new to get.

Consistently take the time to keep a close eye on these locations, revisit them daily and pick up the great items to be able to cash out as much as possible they hold.

Junk Your More Useless Things to Be Able To Get More Stuff

Don't become an in-game hoarder! Only remove other kinds of items in your inventory and some of the weapons that were weaker. Once you do this and garbage 'em, you'll come away with a few extra stuff you can use to create items that are new.

Your Star Rating Depends on...

The amount of wellbeing your party of fowl have at the finish of a conflict. So this means you should keep tabs how low your birds' well-being is becoming as the end of a battle is almost near.

Get the Golden Anvil!

Between the Golden Cauldron, the Golden Anvil, and the Golden Chili, it is hard to decide which to go for first. The Golden Anvil wins out because quality tools will provide the most consistent, continuing bonus through improved crafted supplies, in contrast to the cauldron which just provides more consumables that you should not be heavily relying on, or the chili which lets you start off a mission with a bang, but nothing else after that. Limited time special offers will pop up once in awhile that cuts against the gold cost in half, so it's generally wise to wait before biting on the bullet.

Keep your Banana Potions on Deck and Always Search Out for the Materials Needed to Build Them

Banana Potions tend to be the consumables that you'll always need to keep all the time. These curing items will take care of you during those incredibly demanding assignments..

You'll be able to make your own Banana Potions just by gathering water, bananas and test tubes and putting them together.

Watch Those Free Videos That Rovio Offers One To See

Rovio tends to look out for its players through spinoff releases and all these Angry Birds principal games. As for how they help players in Angry Birds Epic, Rovio offers the opportunity to check out some videos to them.

Watch these videos ASAP because they will give your party a 20-percent increase in health and attack attributes. Before you head into some dangerous territory within an assignment that is more challenging you should view these videos.

July 01 2014


A Complete Guide To Nabooti Island In Poptropica

When you arrive in Nabooti on your blimp, head immediately into the Museum and then speak with the woman downstairs and she will present you with a map of Africa. Run outside the Museum over to your left and get into the airplane to get going on your first adventure. With the handy map of Africa in your possession, you can travel several places.

Your mission for this island is very simple: find the missing Nabooti jewels and return them to the totem pole inside the museum.

Getting the Purple Jewel from the Blue Nile Falss

Help the woman up at the top of the falls to move her chicken, fox and corn feed over the chasm. This is a puzzle that requires you to move everything over in a specific order. This is what you do: first, take the chicken across and next bring the feed over (but bring the chicken back with you!) Then take the fox across then go back and get the chicken. As her way of saying thank you, the woman will reveal the location of a hidden cave by the waterfall. You can jump hard to the far right or climb from below.

Once you enter the hidden cave, you need to move across the stones by jumping off each one as soon as you land on it. It?s a bit challenging, if you fail to jump on the platform, you need to start all over again. The trick here is when jumping, point your mouse exactly where you want your character to land. You?ll find the Purple Jewel at the end of the cave. Before leaving Blue Nile Falls, you need to get blue Egyptian Lily at the top of the falls then you can return to Nabooti. The woman at the market in Nabooti will trade you a turban for the Egyptian Lily. You will need this to get the next Jewel.

Next destination is the Mountains of the moon: Red Jewel

Head to the left to begin your long climb up the mountainside. This can be frustrating because you can easily fall all the way back down because of the goats and huge boulders, so be careful and have longer patience. Once you get to the top left part of the mountain, there's a lady here who is interested in the fruit over the hill. Get the Opuntia Fruit (known as the cactus pear) and keep on climbing. Go to the top right corner near the ice ? beat the old man, he will challenge for a mini game Mancala, you?ll solve the puzzle really quick here. Once you beat the old man in the game, go inside the cave. It's very similar to the one you found in Blue Nile Falls. The ice is slippery! Grab the mobile phone that is down at the bottom. The Red Jewel of Nabooti is at the end of the cavern.

Moving On to the Kaya Forest

Before you go to Kaya Forest, you need to go to Giza first, make sure you have your turban. Wear your turban and the workers here will take you as one of their own and give you a shovel. You will see that a valuable item was recovered by the adventurer Vince. Before helping the tomb raiders, go back to your plain and go to the Kaya forests. On the Kaya Forests use the opuntia fruit to lure the tortoise (Big Turtle), it will reveal a hole and dig it up using the shovel, you will find the ebony elephant statue and two strange ghosts will appear. Click on the one on the left and he?ll tell you to return a Fingo to him for a reward. Go back towards your airplane. Before leaving, get the gold nugget in the palm tree next to the second hut. Go back to the Nabooti market and swap the nugget for a camera, and then the ebony elephant for the ?fingo?. Return it to the spirits in Kaya and they will give you the Green Jewel as an exchange for the Fingo.

Next Stop: Giza and the Pyramids

Make sure you still wear your turban and have your cellphone with you. Examine your shovel, there is a phone number 555-6789, it?s the number of Vince which is the supervisor of the tomb raiding. Vince will hear his phone and get inside the tent while he answers his men will run off. Walk over to the tent and get the moonstone from inside Vince's bag. Put it atop the Sphinx statue and the door will open. Keep walking forward until you reach a series of dashes on the wall.

When you click on one, the other three rotate by 90 degrees. So press each one of the horizontal lines exactly once and they will all line up horizontally. Now you can avoid the scorpion by taking the upper pathway.

When you reach the set of four blocks, push them off either side to re-create the design on the wall below. In the second puzzle, you need to push the blocks on top of the platform down and arrange them underneath to match the layout on the wall. It?s a little tougher than it first seems because you need to do things in a certain order that will look like the image on the wall. If you mess up, you can pull the reset handle and start over. Once you?re done, it will open the wall above. You?ll arrive at the next puzzle. Now you must jump up another series of platforms. Each one has different hieroglyphics (pictures) on it and you must jump on them in the correct order or they will all come crashing down and you?ll have to start over again. The correct order is: Jump on the picture of the person, then on the picture of the boat on water, then on the picture of the bird with the staff, then on the picture of the eye over the long shape. Then you can jump onto the row of bricks above your head. For the last puzzle, there are 2 big statues and 4 little statues. Count the dots on the bellies of the little ones. Flip the switches QUICKLY that drop each little statue in order (1 dot, 2 dots, 3, and 4) before the sand covers the switches. The sarcophagus opens to reveal the Blue Nabooti Jewel.

The Adventure Continues: Safari and Diamond Mine

First fly to the Safari. With your camera, take seven good pictures of the animals in the safari for Zeke. He'll give you the miner's hard hat as a reward. You will need it to enter the Diamond Mine. Next you need to fly South to the Diamond Mine, where you can enter the mine area and turn off the timer that controls the electric fence. Next, climb up the conveyor to get to the hole in the barbed wire. Leap over the rolling carts to get to the elevator. Once in the mine, blast the rock and the right wall with the explosive and the sparking wire. The first explosion you set will destroy the boulder and the second explosion that you set will blow up the wall of rock. Ride the mine cart (duck and jump) to the diamond pile. There is a large black rock with diamonds still inside it. Click on the rock and you'll see a mini-puzzle where you use a magnifying glass to uncover the White Nabooti Crystal. The Nabooti Crystal is easy to spot, since it has a tiny engraving on it. You can find it over on the left side. Now that you have all the Nabooti Jewels, get out of here and return to your airplane.

Return to the Nabooti, proceed to the museum, and put the jewels into the Nabooti totem in order: From the top Purple, Green, Red, White, Blue. You'll be amazed at what transpires!

You did it! Nabooti Island is now complete. You'll receive the island medallion as a reward.
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