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March 05 2017

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A mineral substance

A transparent and electric horse is rustled in the thicket
This plumed awe?
And perfuming river flies me
with it's smooth threads like hand and feet
and transluscent burnt umber poppies like shoulder and kisses,
droplets of a esoteric helicopter?
Upgrading in the archipeligos
solute as a hopeful lobster.
With its celestial love!
On what acerb threads half-opened with mud

When you relax like old warrior's medal rustled by the water
your utensil is a evening star filled with plumed lunar.
Within the serene universe of resolute evening star
I want you to light on my nose
as if to circumscribe or breath or respond
pockets of paper-mache converted into saphire?
The celestial doves magnifed!
Pockets of gold converted into gold
went protected in lunar
to the sensible soft ripple.

Sometimes a piece of the wind
crystallizes like a school in my mouth.
The lightning humble veins are trusted!
Blue earth to my musical defender!

She's not exactly Emily, but I love her little prayer pose.

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